Blue Monday

Some people, by which I mean everybody, has their bad days. Days when we don’t want to wake up or deal with anyone and want nothing more than to crawl back into bed and hide from the world. Instead of teaching today, I managed to take a shower, make breakfast, watch 3 episodes of The Walking Dead and still feel like I accomplished more than I normally would have babysitting kids all day. I also realized how much I relate to the characters. I have a constant drive to be in control accompanied by an inability to ever truly relax or let my guard down. I think this is called social anxiety, which doesn’t affect me at school because of the intensely structured nature of an educational institution. Today however, even that would’ve been too much for me to manage, mixed states of anxiety and depression are about as bad as being bipolar II gets.


~ by vann1912 on 14 November, 2011.

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