Another quest update

One week in, my quest to dominate and pound my bipolar II symptoms into submission is going pretty well. Saturday night I had my last drink (pinky swear) until at least two weekends from now when my wife and I are going up to the mountains for some snowboarding and wine tasting. That last part isn’t my idea of fun but includes a free stay at her friend’s friend’s condo if we play along and put up with her princessy bullshit so its whatever, that’s where the wine will come into play.

Yesterday I stayed really busy getting stuff done around the house and had the last chew I’m ever paying for (I reserve the right to barter) in the process of splitting logs and hauling in our recyclables. Asking for one not only limits my options but the frequency and size of pinch I take as well so I’m not a mooch. I started using chew to wind down from the stresses of work and school and it just sort of became a routine that when I got in my car I threw in a chew and tossed it when I got home. At night I also used to smoke on the stoop with my roomy as we’d ponder life and the mysteries of the universe. Every now and again I’ll get a hair up my ass and smoke a pack just to mix things up, but that’s not an option anymore either.

Last night for my usual wake up in the middle of the night famished routine, I resisted my first instinct to ravage the oreos and instead went for a lean turkey sandwhich (go tryptophan) on whole wheat bread and a bowl of cheerios. I washed it down with some melatonin and crawled back into bed. It was a way better choice that didn’t involve refined sugar or any further negative effect on sleep when I’m already losing enough of it already.

I’m continuing to do CrossFit and I’m scheduled to see my psychiatrist Wednesday, although I’m thinking of cancelling because the meds I’m on are working and I have plenty of refills to last me until next year. I also don’t want to throw-away $85. I’ll probably go anyways to see if I can get a referral for a sleep study to see if sleep apnea is contributing to my symptoms. My wife hates my snoring and tossing and turning and all too often, in spite of wearing a breathe right, I wake up exhausted and act like an asshole. Might as well do it now since we are WAY over our deductible for this year and I think it might help.

~ by vann1912 on 28 November, 2011.

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