Are we on the road to tyranny and ruin?

With all of the uncertainty in the world, you’d think that we would be the beacon of liberty and prosperity shining the way for the rest of our socialist world on a dark and stormy night. But things are different from when America was the superpower with the bomb who had just simultaneously defeated Germany and Japan through our industrial might and followed-up by rebuilding Europe as well as overseeing an unprecedented time of peace and prosperity. Different from when Reagan outspent the Soviet Union into collapse.

The more I see stories like the one about trigger-happy fascist foot soldiers raiding the home of an Iraq war veteran, I begin to wonder where we are headed as a nation when the people sworn to protect citizens and uphold the law can murder someone while executing a warrant for a guy suspected of smuggling drugs. To be quite honest, what we put into our bodies is none of the governments business anyways. This was done to a Marine with combat experience in the middle of the night. Who wouldn’t grab their weapon to defend their family from unknown assailants? The same thing could have been accomplished during the day at the guy’s job. Instead, his son will grow up without his father and nobody will be held accountable. The sad part was that a search of the home after the shooting revealed nothing illegal, although officers found weapons and body armor. The five deputies involved in the shooting remain on active duty. No criminal charges have been filed and no disciplinary action taken.

And then there’s the Kansas girl who bagged on her state’s governor in a tweet meant for her friends and acquaintances as a joke and was ordered by her principal to write a letter of apology after a staffer notified him of the tweet. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think freedom of speech is still one of our rights, inalienable and protected by the 1st amendment so long as it does not threaten to or directly endanger others.

Under the unconstitutional law called the “Patriot Act“, the writ of habeas corpus has been suspended, so if you’re labeled a terrorist have fun spending the rest of your life being tortured at one of the CIA’s clandestine Eastern European prisons. Federal investigators can monitor your phone, internet or even library activity without probable cause and you would never know the difference, until you said anything slightly un-American. As I’m writing this post I’m waiting for a knock on the door, or maybe they would just bust in shooting since murder is now merely frowned upon if you’re a law enforcement officer.

As if these gross civil rights violations weren’t bad enough, left unchecked, entitlement spending is projected to cause a complete economic collapse by 2030. There are more seniors living longer and drawing benefits supported by a dwindling number of people paying into the system. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the interest on the national debt accrued paying for these entitlements account for most federal spending, which is set to railroad everyone under the age of about seventy into abject poverty. ObamaCare, military spending and everything else pales in comparison.

With civil liberties and human rights being trampled, combined with our economic problems, I worry what kind of world my son will live in with a bipartisian legislature hell bent on trivial pursuits like gay marriage and re-election instead of tackling our real problems. My wife and I are refinancing our home to save as much money as we can, knowing we are on our own for retirement and paying for college someday. I worry if our son will ever even own his own home or be able to send our grandchildren to college.

~ by vann1912 on 28 November, 2011.

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