So I ended up going to my psychiatric appointment last Wednesday. I told him that I had stopped taking Fluoxetine a while back because I was getting really gnarly heartburn every few days and still felt anxious. I also told him that I wasn’t sleeping much and didn’t like taking Trazodone because I would wake up with cotton mouth and feel all weird and drunk, even with half a pill. So he gave me a month’s worth of 2 mg Abilify tablets to try out with the Lamictal I’m taking at bedtime.

I’m kind of freaked out after reading some of the negative side-effects like weight gain and some muscle problems, but also hopeful that it will work for me. I’ve only taken it 4 nights so far, but this morning I was pleasantly surprised to look at the clock when I woke-up and it was 4 a.m. and I didn’t feel super tired.  To be honest however, I have been delving into my wife’s pain meds on a recreational basis, usually every other evening. She has some back issues she’s taking care of but has an absurd amount of these pills and they allow me to wind-down.

As for my fitness quest, I’ve been eating about 80% healthy meals and drinks free of refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol. There’s been a few times things have snuck in there or I just outright cheated. I also haven’t bought any chew, although I have bummed a couple of pinches from my brother. I haven’t been able to work-out just because of time: in addition to teaching I’m also riding with driver’s ed students after school to try and show them the ropes. I am however going to install pull-up bar my buddy with the CrossFit affiliate gave me a great deal on. I can work on grip strength, core strength, flexibility and hip movements which all serve as the foundations for many of the olympic movements utilized by CrossFit. I’m also going to jump rope and do a lot of air squats, sit-ups, push-ups and streching. Go me!

Teachers rarely hear good things from people who don’t have any idea of what really goes on inside their kid’s schools. We also feel scrutinized by administrators who are under pressure to comply with federal and state mandates based on standardized test results. But today I covered a class with a practicum student that had been observing all year so far. She told me that I communicated and connected with the kids 100 times better than their normal teacher, so that made me feel pretty good about where I’m at professionally.

On a side-note, I had an awesome weekend! My wife and I went snowboarding for the first time this season on Saturday. My college roomie and his family came to visit so we got to catch up and share some laughs. We all went out to eat and when my wife was putting her coat a waitress tried to sneak between her and the wall with a tray full of drinks. It didn’t turn out well but at least nobody got wet. Sunday night was my other buddy’s son’s 2nd birthday party so we tore it up at a McDonald’s playplace. It was so much fun watching the unbelievable joy my son and my friends’ sons experienced. That was absurdly hilarious end to the weekend.

~ by vann1912 on 5 December, 2011.

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  1. Sounds like abilify is really helping you out. I was on 20mg for a while (long story), but now I’m off of it. Stil, I can look back and say that it was one of the first drugs to ever make me feel right again. It just didn’t cover the psychotic symptoms nearly as well as it should have. As for the side effects, you’re at a really low dose, so I wouldn’t worry about it all that much. It’s when you start to hit the 20-30mg levels that you might develop the crazier symptoms. I hope that it keeps working for you, just be careful with caffeine, it can really really up you while on abilify.

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