Good weekend

My weekend didn’t start out too promising. I felt like absolute shit all day Friday after the argument with my wife that morning. I was lethargic, distant and every bone in my body was sore. Could have had something to do with my son’s crazy night throwing up. So I did what comes naturally, I self-medicated. I took a couple of her Nucynta, the trade name for tapentadol. This was one too many; they always make me feel tired and kind of weird, which shouldn’t surprise me because they are closer to morphine than tylenol. My wife went to a holiday party with her colleagues and I stayed home, although my buddy came over for some guy time, having beers and catching up. I destroyed him at NCAA Football before I introduced him to “Get Him to the Greek“.

Saturday went really really well, aside from being really sore from sleeping downstairs on my couch. Sometimes I just like to change it up and curl up with my dogs, until they fart or otherwise annoy me and get kicked off. My wife and I went out of town for the day to shop for a more family-friendly AWD vehicle to replace my car 😦 We found a really nice local bar and grill and checked out the mall for a bit. It was nice to get out of town and just spend some time together.

Unfortunately, our little dude got sick again and vomited twice Saturday evening, so today we were all pretty tired again and not a whole lot got done except naps. We did however go to my cousin’s for a chili dinner and a few games of Mexican Train. I’ve been staying up too late but we only have five days until winter break so whatever. On a side-note, his bullshit has finally caught up with him and the aforementioned homewrecker is in some hot water at work for some inappropriate shit. Whatever it is, he deserves getting the book slammed over his dick!

~ by vann1912 on 11 December, 2011.

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