This week is a blur

It’s only Tuesday but I’m already burnt-out. I only slept 2 hours Monday morning before I had to get up and work until 6:30. I protect the public by trying to teach kids how to drive after school but couldn’t stop nodding off and jerking awake. I time-travelled a few times which looks really professional and adult-like. Last night my teething son woke up screaming bloody murder for an hour but luckily my wonderful wife took the bullet and stayed up with him since I was so wrecked. My wife and I are also in the process of refinancing our home, buying a car and switching credit unions, so I have a lot on my plate right now. I hate when people tell you that you look tired because you know you look tired because you ARE tired so they might as well say “you look like hell”.

This leads me back to my quest for becoming healthier and more effectively managing my affective disorder, bipolar II, by not poisoning my body. At this moment I am nursing a Cherry Pepsi, but I feel it’s a necessary evil so that I can avoid a catastrophic auto accident with my drivers this evening. Since my last update I have had a few beers and I still chew every other day or so, but aside from that have had virtually no refined sugar or caffeine. And I have tried to make good decisions for all of the small food choices throughout the day, however, I haven’t noticed any real change. If anything I have been really moody and scatter-brained here of late and minor set-backs cause disproportionate frustration. I know I don’t have the motivation to sustain an Amish lifestyle for more than a few days, so this is about as good as it gets from a poison avoidance dietary strategy. I know I really need to pick it up in the fitness department but right now I barely have time to spend with my family so I’ve enacted austerity measures for that arena of life.

Well, off to ride with teenage girls for 3 hours!

~ by vann1912 on 13 December, 2011.

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