Road Trip!

For the most part this weekend was pretty awesome, aside from some minor drama between my wife and I. I drank without getting more than a slight buzz, made good food choices and ate without getting full and feeling shitty and had a lot of fun in the process. It’s like I was normal the whole time, except for one stinger I sent my wife’s way. We actually ran into who you would call my wife’s nemesis, a psycho bitch who always says mean shit to my wife even though she’s never done anything wrong to her aside from being long-time friends with her crush, who has never wanted anything to do with her stalker tendencies. I of course made the blunder of saying “at least she’s never sent me naked pictures”, referring to the chimo I mentioned here. This was a dick move on my part, and I felt terrible for mentioning it because I really do believe my wife carries a heavy burden for what transpired, but at the same time I can’t get past the memories and emotions that I relive so often and I feel like I have to remind her to prevent something similar from ever happening again. This time was different though, as I laid all my cards on the table. I told her that I wanted to kill him and myself. Whoops!

I meant it, not that I have ever really planned anything, just had ideations. More or less I day dream of just working him over in front of everyone at school, like I’m in fucking junior high again. I really feel it would bring me peace and closure. Respect means everything in this world and to me he completely disrespected me and my marriage and still does. He is arrogant and disrespects pretty much everyone but somehow still has a job. Throwing him a beating would make so many people happy, and that’s what I do best, often at my own expense. It wouldn’t be the first time I fought someone else’s battle out of pride with consequences all my own. In this case however, these consequences would affect my family, so as a husband and father I have to leave it alone. That night however, she seemed to fully understand the severity of MY burden and came around. The rest of the trip was perfect, much better than this asshole’s did. I really hope this changes things in North Korea for the better. Maybe the political prisoners he sold to Siberian work camps in order to raise capital for his military ambitions will be set free now, though I doubt it. As the senior leadership will undoubtedly test his successor, I hope the ensuing political instability will not cause another war.

~ by vann1912 on 19 December, 2011.

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