The rundown

I’m a twenty-something high school civics teacher who is bipolar II. I started having a lot of mental problems about 5 years ago which were translating into relationship problems and self-destructive behaviors fueled by substance abuse. After one too many drunken blowouts I sought professional help. It took several tries over a period of two years before I was diagnosed properly and put on any kind of meds by a psychiatric nurse who recognized my condition from having a son who was bipolar. It took a drunk driving arrest and the birth of my son for me to appreciate the gravity of my condition and the consequences my actions had on others.  I am still learning what my triggers are and how I can best manage the storm within. I hope to reach out and connect with others dealing with or curious about this stigmatized and commonly misunderstood condition.

I had what you would call a pretty standard childhood with all the perceived angst that goes along with it. I challenge and question everything and consequently learn everything the hard way through first-hand experiences. I love what I do for a living and couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else. My priorities are CrossFit, sports, camping, hunting, and my wife and little man. This is a drawing my wife did that served as the inspiration for the tat I have over my heart symbolizing who I am.

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